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Recorded LIVE – Antenna Q&A – DX Commander – QRP Conference #MNHR

Recorded LIVE - Antenna Q&A - DX Commander - QRP Conference #MNHR

This is the Q&A Section of my live talk at the G QRP Club Conference held over weekend of 5th and 6th September 2020. The club had a whole weekend of live talks attended by hundreds of people. This was the agenda for the weekend: Amazing people, well organised and professional. The GQRP Club costs only £6 per year and there are international representatives so you can pay in your local currency. Quite incredible. Information on joining is here: Mention my name – and maybe I’ll get a free pass! Callum – M0MCX.
00:00 How do you prop up a Pole?
1:17 Have you operated QRP?
3:00 Operating in noisy urban environments
7:21 Radiation Patterns affected by radial arcs
12:51 Using DX Commander as a Permanent Antenna
18:20 Do clamps damage poles?
19:57 What Modelling Software do I use?
22:34 Radiation patterns of 3/4 wave antennas
28:35 More about radials
36:48 Adding or removing elements in fan dipole or verticals – what happens?
40:27 Why does 50MHz resonate element on a 10MHz Q/Wave element?
45:34 Does rain change resonant frequency?
47:15 Measuring current in elements and radials
49:13 Cobwebb -vs- DX Commander thoughts
52:30 Antenna Analysers thoughts