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Help me out – Which One do you Prefer?

Help me out - Which One do you Prefer?

I need your help on this one. I’m looking for a track to record for the channel trailer and I need to know which one you prefer. This was NOT going to be a video but I had some low-res footage of me because I ran just one camera almost by accident – and after some over-night thinking, I managed to graft it all together – it was quite a technical challenge!

Yes, I really have NEVER practiced these tracks before. I have only played them "in my head". First time I’ve been on the kit in months. Wendy thinks it’s about 18-months. I am out of practice clearly but I did loosen up after a while.

Had continual difficulty listening to the track in my headphones but I dare not turn it up any more for fear of hearing damage. As it is, my ears were still "ringing" last night, a few hours after the session.

Anyway, let me know which one you prefer. Callum, M0MCX.
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00:00 Last Cosmonaut
3:05 Master of the Hurricane
5:14 Beer, Beards and BBQ
7:10 I Don’t Know How They Know my Name
11:14 On a Good Day
14:20 Fight The Power
16:24 Dressed for Life
17:43 You’ll Learn
19:41 Keen on Walkin’
21:39 Rockin’ for Decades
23:33 Adrenaline Rush
25:25 Did you ever Listen