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18m Multi-Band Nebula Vertical Build Tips #nebula #antenna

18m Multi-Band Nebula Vertical Build Tips #nebula #antenna

Short video today. We measured out the element lengths and explain about the two different linear loading techniques for 80m. One method gives you 11m and 10m but seems to be less elegant.
SpiderBeam Conversion Kit consists of Stainless Ground and Radiating plates, 3 x 10mm thick UHMWPE plates and SO239 assembly. Just like this video: . Price is £125.
You can buy here:

You will need a 75mm (3-inch) rubber coupler like this and some appropriate size hoseclamps / aquarium tubing.

Callum, M0MCX.
00:00 Sunny England
00:30 Measuring Elements
01:11 Tensioning Elements
03:16 Linear Loading 80m Element

#dxcommander #nebula #antenna