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NEVER Published – Unedited Footage – Nebula Project Video

NEVER Published - Unedited Footage - Nebula Project Video

Originally recorded 17th Sept 2020, days before we managed to put up the Nebula antenna (and then instructed to take it down by the local nutter). Long story! Anyway, good things happen to nice folks – and we’re moving in January to the amazing Holly Farm. I’m showing this to remind us of the amazing projects we had originally planned at the farm – and subsequently cancelled! But we will repeat all this at Holly Farm! 🙂 Stay tuned! Callum. Secret Room Storage Rack Nebula Development Behind the Scenes Strimming the Field Ground Radials Production Messie and Paoloni Coax Cable Entry Making the cable entry for the coax Pullilng the Coax down from the Field Behind the Scenes Cable Dig Biodegradable Ground Pegs The 5/8ths design concept Installing the Ground Radials Tilt Over Base How I designed the Nebula Nebula Hose Clamps, Guys and Elements