The YouTuber’s Schedule

Our regular Livestream schedule usually remains the same. We may deviate here or there based upon our personal needs.

DayTime UTCTime CSTChannelTitle
Sun14:009:00 AMVariesCoffee & Ham Radio
23:006:00 PMRed Summit RFAP DZ (All Portable Discussion Zone)
00:00 Mon7:00 PMHam Radio 2.0Sunday Livestream
Mon~21:30~4:30 PMAs many as we can fitMonday Night Ham Radio Premiers
00:00 Tues7:00 PMTemporarily OfflineHam Nuggets Live
Tues02:00 WED9:00 PMDixieDXBi-Weekly Livestream
Wed17:0012:00 PMHam Radio 2.0Lunchtime Livestream
00:00 Thur7: 00 PMGoodGame Ham Radio and OutdoorsTalking Ham Radio
01:00 Thur8:00 PMHam Radio Crash CourseHamNation
(Alternating weeks)
Thur~22:00~5:00 PMYESThursday Night Ham Radio Premiers
23:456:45 PMTemporarily Offline or Ham Radio DudeFT8OFF
Fri01:00 Sat8:00 PMHam Radio 2.0Monthly Happy Hour
01:00 Sat8:00 PMKyle – AA0ZMonthly Trivia
Sat14:009:00 AMVariesCoffee & Ham Radio
00:00 Sun7:00 PMHam Radio Crash CourseSaturday Night Livestream