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The Perfect MTR3B Case

Four new padded cases arrived and are ready for an unboxing and fit check. Will any of these be a perfect match for the LNR Precision Mountain Topper MTR3B? Let’s find out…

The last case – an Amazon Basics portable hard drive case – is just about perfect. But the other cases have their niches too. Check out the video to see how I’m putting them to use.

Item List:
#1: GLCON Case ($5.99)
Perfect fit for these smaller mint tins which will fit a standard Pixie transceiver board with minor trimming. Too small for MTR3B or full-size Altoids tins.

#2: ProCase Travel Case for Crucial X8 drive ($9.99)
Perfect fit for Altoids mint tin radios with connectors and buttons on the skinny ends only. This one worked out perfect for my Forty-Niner and Chinese Super Rockmite (not shown in video). Too small for MTR3B.

#3: ProCase for Samsung T5 ($8.99)
Odd molded padding in bottom of case does not fit any mint tins or the MTR3B, but an Altoids Tin, even with connectors on the longer sides, fits well in the case. The molded bottom part could likely be used to store a small key, battery, or smaller earbuds. The least successful fit of the cases purchased, but still useful.

#4: Amazon Basics My Passport Essential Case ($6.71)
Excellent fit for the MTR3B, a small iambic paddle, battery, and antenna. Great option for a compact MTR3B case!