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Shack Master 600, Sneak Peak at Dayton Hamvention 2024

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Red Summit RF Youtube

Ham Radio #FDIM2024 Seminar Part 1 #Hamvention2024

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Switching Parts of an Antenna In and Out (#1113)

Andrew wants to know how to create or use an Active Trap. Is it worth it to have a digital circuit or a singular, multi-band antenna? Watch to find out!


Edited by Teagan Kulbeth
Videographed by Aidan Jakeman

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HUGE! Baofeng UV-25 10W Tri Band Hardened HT Radio

I tested a new Baofeng Radio, the UV-25, which is the largest Baofeng I have ever seen. Let’s take a look at the menus and settings of the radio, test the output power, and then put it on the TinySA to see how it performs.

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

Dayton Hamvention 2024 Vendors, I do the walking for you!

In this video I walk the indoor vendors at Hamvention 2024.

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Ape Answers 004: Antenna Chokes

Ape Answers is a short format video series where we answer Ham Radio related questions from viewers.

In this video, we cover some questions that were asked on my videos. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we’ve got you covered with detailed explanations and solutions to common issues. Tune in to get your questions answered!

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Hamvention 2024 HAUL

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Ham Nation! – Hamvention was Fantastic!

Hamvention 2024 in the rearview mirror. So many great memories and so many friends! Lets talk about your favorite things from Hamvention with Gordo who has fresh Short Shorts and Don has the latest from the Amateur Radio Newsline!

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Halifax 2024


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New ComJot CJ-1, Android And UHF / VHF Radio. At Dayton Hamvention 24

New ComJot CJ-1, Android And UHF / VHF Radio. This is a direct competitor RFinder radios. Complete Open Source software

New Tanker Radio Gear:
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Four Days In May: Vendor Night | Hamvention 2024

All Kinds Of Cool QRP Gadgets To Be Had At The Four Days In May Vendor Night.

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