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How to store and transport your Ham Radio Gear Safely!

In this video I show different storage and transport boxes and bags I use for my Ham Radio Gear. Be sure to check the links below if you see anything you like!
Where to purchase the CaHR antennas:

As an Amazon affiliate I may receive a commission on some items sold.
Eylar Standard 16" Hard Case,
Eylar Protective Hard Camera Case,
1800 Weatherproof Protective Case,
Pelican 1400 Case With Foam,
Pelican 1010 Micro Case,
Pelican 1030 Micro Case,
Nylon Cinch Drawstring Bag ,
Lowepro Hardside CS 80 Case ,
MTM ACR5-72 ACR5 Ammo Crate,
MTM ACR8-72 Ammo Crate Utility Box,
First Tactical Specialist 3-Day Backpack,
First Tactical backpack,
Craftsman 9-37537 Tool Bag Combo,
haisstronica 20inch Tool Bag,
Metal Ammo Case,
Victron Battery Charger,
Plastic Ammo Can ,
Sheffield 12629 Field Box,
5-Gal. Professional Duty Waterproof Storage Container,

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Comet CAA 500II,
9ah battery box,

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

Comica WM300 II (A) UHF Wireless Microphone, With Dual channel and 120m working distance!

In this video I test the Comica WM300 II A wireless Microphone setup. This set has Dual channe,, 120m working distance, auto scanning, rechargeable batteries and have full a metal case.These were sent to me to review but my findings and comments are my own. for Comica WM300IIA,
Canada link for Comica WM300IIA,

KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

How to choose what type of Gain Antenna is good for where you live. Part 2

In this video I discuss different types of gain antennas. I also talk about why you may or may not want a type of antenna for the area you live in.Also check out my antenna builds below.

——– Videos of my Antenna builds ——-
2m Cubical quad antenna,
6m Hexbeam build,
2m Yagi build,
6m Moxon build,
20m Moxon build,

Cubical Quad site,
Moxon site,
Hexbeam site,
Mosley antenna site,
StepIR site,
M2 antenna site,

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

Do You need a Gain Antenna as a Ham Radio operator ? part 1

In this I talk about weather a gain "Yagi type " antenna is something a ham would want or need for his or her shack antenna.

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

Can you build a Ham-shack for $1,000.00 buying a brand new Radio?

So The Smokin Ape challenged aii of us at Coffee and Ham Radios to see if we could put together a Ham-Shack for $1,000.00. Make sure to check all 4 videos links will be below.

As a Amazon affiliate I may make a small amount to help the channel.
MegaWatt S-400-12x 36 Amps,
RG8x Jumper Cable, 2 Pack,
Xiegu G90 HF Radio 20W,
Yaesu FT-891 HF/6M All Mode, (You might find cheaper)

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

I broke my FT 991A, how to repair A FT 991A with no receive!

The receive on my FT 991A wasn’t working until you selected the pre-amps. Follow along as I try to repair what I think is wrong.Hopefully I can repair it.
MUSTOOL G1200 Digital Microscope,
Precision Tweezer Set,
Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station,

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

The Grand Canyon and Ham Radio. Activating Parks on The Air and Summits on The Air.

In this video I drive to the Grand Canyon to join some YouTube Buddies and we activat Parks and Summits.I also talk a little about how the Grand Cayon became a National Park.

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

Yaesu FT-710 AESS, why you won’t be purchasing one anytime soon! To be released maybe in September.

So with Yaesu Japan releasing the news of the FT-710 for the Japaneses market there was some confusion to what the U.S. version would be. The next day Yaesu USA released their info on the U.S. version. In this video I try to clear up some of the confusion and show the little we know for sure is included in this new radio.

Yaesu website:,
John Kruks video:,

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

First look-MUSTOOL G1200 Digital Microscope 12MP 7 Inch Color Screen Large Base LCD Display 1-1200X

Bangood asked if I would review this digital scope, I always check reviews before agreeing to accept with reviews of 4.9 with 1800 I said yes and I.m glad I did! All the opinions on this tool are my own and Bangood didn’t tell me what to say. I have to say I am pretty impressed with this scope and it’s camera. It takes great video and pictures.
I have a coupon and link to Bangood below to save you some money if you are interested in one.
coupon code:BGd8306c

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KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

ECO-WORTHY 12V Lithium Battery, 20Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Recharge Battery, Built-in BMS, 4000+ Cycles

In this video I show a cool lithium battery I found on Amazon that has a nice molded case to protect it. I have used the battery and works great with a 100 watt Radio or anything else that needs 12 volts.

As an Amazon affiliate I may receive a commission on some items sold.
Eco-Worthy 20ah Battery,:
Victron 12v 10 amp Battery Charger (Bluetooth),:
Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter ,:

Yaesu amp video, ;