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My Other Hobby! Long Range Shooting. W6RIP

In case you didn’t know, I really love long range shooting. This video was just to get out and get my feet wet again. Its been too long and confidence in my skill level was dropping. I’m always looking to teach someone the art of long range if your committed to learning. Its hard to spot your own shots and I could use a few more spotters. lol. Btw, I choose mils over moa.

Let me know how many other ham radio operators out there like to shoot.
Communications along with protection of life and property are necessary.

Rifle- Remington Model 700 Sendero SF ll
Optic- Vortex HD Gen2 4.5×27
Ammo- Hornady 162gr ELD-X in Norma brass loaded with H4831c. Average powder charge.
Chronograph- Magnetospeed v3
Ballistics device- Kestrel Elite 5700 with Applied Ballistics.