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Antenna Design & Build – Arrow Shaft Dual-band Portable Beam

Fellow YouTuber, 2E0UKH told me about a 2 element dual-band beam he built. I ran with the idea and made my own, out of arrow shafts, with an additional element. The results? Pretty dang impressive.
2E0UKH YouTube Channel:


Antenna Photos – SWR and Patterns:

Element Lengths and Positions:
– Driven element
– Position: 0"
– Element Length: 20.17" (ea.)
– Director #1
– Position: 3.78"
– Element Length: 19.05" (ea)
– Director #2
– Position: 13.26"
– Element Length: 18.36" (ea)

Arrow Shafts:
– Note: you can likely find them a little cheaper on
Threaded Inserts:
Arrow Connector:
– Note: you can also just use a threaded rod and a jamb nut or some LocTite to secure it

Nylon Threaded Rod:
Aluminum Threaded Rod:
… more durable alternative
Stainless Steel Threaded Rod:
Nylon Spacers:
Aluminum Hex Nut:

Key Build Tips:
– Use a drill press. Hand-drilling will not result in straight enough holes.
– Remove the anodized coating from the inside of the arrow shaft before crimping in the inserts. The coating is non-conductive.
– Apply dielectric grease to the outer part of the threaded insert to prevent corrosion.
– If you over-crimp the inserts, you’ll have to re-drill the clearance hole portion and re-tap the threads.
– Be careful installing threaded aluminum rods, as the threads can be easily damaged.

Have fun building, and good luck!

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