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Another Peak, Another Crazy Antenna

Double what? A double bobtail curtain. Yah, that’s right, two bobtail curtains – one driven, and one as a reflector – to #HamHarder on 15 m from a SOTA summit. I was hoping for VK or ZL S2S QSOs, but didn’t have any luck. Still, I managed some consolation prizes. Don’t miss the good stuff at the end.

Palm View Peak is a nice summit with a moderate hike. Summit elevation is 7,160′ on this SOTA summit, W6/CT-068. I had a blast running 15 m on this summit, and I hope you enjoy joining me for the adventure.

My Gear:
Yaesu FT-857D (discontinued)
Homebrew 15 m double bobtail antenna, fed at the bottom of the center element with a high-impedance transformer.
Bioenno 12 Ah LiFePO4 brick –
Helinox Ground Chair is discontinued, but the Chair Zero is awesome as well –
Antenna Poles –
NOTE: These are the same style ones I use with my 10m beam. Fiberglass poles are key for any antenna with wire running along the antenna. Carbon fiber messes up the pattern and resonance.

You can find that gear in my Amazon store
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