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Classic Ham Radio: Does this 40 Year old Drake TR7 Still Work???

What do you think? Is this old Drake TR7 (PS7 Power Supply and MN7 Matching Network) Ham Radio work the trouble? Let’s find out if this 40 year old radio still works. I’ll also give you some backstory about how I cam to like old Drake Radios.

See Below for Chapters if you want to skip through some sections.
00:00 Hello!
00:29 The Backstory – Why I wanted a Drake TR7
03:30 How I got the Drake TR7
06:39 Overview of the equipment
08:25 The Drake PS7 Power supply
09:07 The Drake TR7 Transceiver
10:47 The Kenwood SP-520
11:25 The Kenwood AT-200 Tuner
12:03 The Drake MN7 Tuner
12:44 The rear panels
15:43 The TR7 Receive Test
17:01 Testing the filters
18:50 Testing the passband tuning
20:00 Testing the RIT
20:50 Receiving CW
22:01 receiving SSB on 20 meters
23:09 Transmit Tests
26:50 Comparison Transmit Test Icom 746pro
28:07 Final Thoughts on the Drake
29:54 Outtakes/Bloopers!

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