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Ham Radio Dummy Load – DYI Build Your Own Dummy Load

Interact with us to build a 150W dummy load from just a few cheap parts. Parts description below.

Qty – Description of Part

20 – 1K ohm 3 watt resistors
24 inches – 14 awg bare solid wire
1 – quart empty paint can with lid
1 – SO239 or BNC bulkhead connector
2 – 16oz of mineral or baby oil

The 1K resistors and bulkhead connectors can be found on ebay. Baby or mineral oil can be found at Wal-Mart. Everything else can be found at Home Depot, Loews or Menards.

Amazon Links if you don’t want to leave your house. I earn a small commission on Amazon links, but it’s no additional cost to you.

Resistors –
Wire —
Quart Paint Can –
SO239 Bulkhead –
Mineral Oil –