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My solution to portable FT8 (it’s NOT a Raspberry Pi)

I finally found a portable FT8 solution that I’m satisfied with, and it doesn’t involve a Raspberry Pi. Pi computers are great, but they require a separate power supply and the use of your phone as a VNC viewer to control the computer. Phone screens are tiny, and controls are difficult.

So rather than using a Pi and a phone or tablet, I thought, why not just use a small windows tablet? So I did.

I found a slew of Windows 10 capable laptops on eBay for various prices. I settled on the HP Pro Tablet 608 G1 Tablet which can now be had for about $80-90 in good, refurbished condition. I picked up one of those and paired it up with a cover and stylus.

From when I used a FT-817, I have a WolphiLink adapter that acts as an audio and VOX keying circuit. Unfortunately, these were recently discontinued. The manual with schematic are on the website and a creative ham could likely build a similar device.

Wolphi-Link interface

For audio output from the tablet, I have found that a USB-C audio output adaptor works best:

How do YOU operate digital modes including FT8 in the field? Tell us in the comments below.