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Optimizing a Windows tablet for Portable FT8

Here’s a run-through of how I optimize my low-power Windows tablet for portable FT8 use. These little low-power computers struggle with difficult tasks, but with the right settings you can make them work well enough for portable FT8 use.

This tablet is a HP Pro 608 G1 purchased in December 2020 for about $80 on eBay. Here’s how I set it up for portable use on FT8.

Here’s the summary:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Uninstall all unnecessary applications.
– Search: "Add or remove Programs." Uninstall what’s not needed.
01:15 Disable unnecessary Startup Applications
– Search: "Startup Apps." Uncheck anything that’s not absolutely needed.
01:45 Turn off Tablet Mode
– Settings – System – Tablet mode
– "When I sign in" – "Use desktop mode"
02:42 Touch Keyboard
– Settings – Devices – Typing
– Touch Keyboard
– "Play key sounds as I type" OFF
– "Show the touch keyboard when not in tablet mode and there’s no keyboard attached" ON
03:03 Turn off Notifications
– System – Notifications and Actions
– "Get notifications from apps and other senders" OFF
03:23 Optimize for Performance
– Search: "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"
– Select "Adjust for best performance"
03:59 Power Performance Settings
– Click "Battery" icon in system tray
– Use higher settings for better performance at a battery cost
04:34 On Screen Keyboard Shortcut
– Search "On-Screen Keyboard"
– Right click, pin to Task Bar.

WSJT-X Website:
Dimension 4 Time Sync:

What other settings would you tweak to optimize performance? Let me know in the comments below.