W6RIP Radio Adventures Youtube

Hot Tent Adventure in Utah Snow. Ham Radio and One Week in Below Freezing Temperatures.

I went to Utah to find Winter Conditions for WFD 2021. POTA was an Awesome Bonus in Location Selection.
One week in hot tent with a wood stove, Ham Radio and Freezing temperatures.

Luxe Megahorn 4p Tent
Wild Wild West X3 Stove (steel)
Browning Klondike -30 Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes AXL Air Mattress
Byer of Maine TLC 7000 Cot

My solid gear choices after hours and hours of careful research and returns.

Garmin InReach Mini

Sleeping air pad

My headlamp choice. Love this thing. Very Bright.

Telescoping bamboo mast

Tiki torch stake

My final choice in footwear trail runners

My headset

My camp spoon

My Ultralight camp/hike mug

My cook set of choice

Reliable cook stove. Not cheap china garbage

GTX outer layer for weather protection

My trekking poles

Nalgene bottle. Must have for freezing temps

Merino Wool Buff

My water filtration system

Hiking Shirt

Portable solar phone charger

Radio gear case

Leukotape for blisters and prevention

Powerfilm ultralight solar panel for backpacking

My merino wool base layer- lower

Merino wool base layer- upper

Ultralight tent stakes

Incredible mountaineering book of information

Mylar emergency bivy

3 season gaiters

Snow gaiters

My boonie hat

My UL rain gear – Jacket

My UL rain gear – pants

My winter boot

My snow shoe

My final choice in footwear trail runners