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KE0OG Dave Casler Live Stream 8 Apr 2021

37:35 Charles K3PKH, Should I also include a choke balun on the feed line? Or would the 4:1 ballen do the same job?
39:10 Jim K0JNR, The amateur extra playlist is no longer showing on youtube.
43:30 Brad Hansen KD9SBP, what would be the best antenna band for use in the mountains for shorter distant coms?
47:20 Bill, HOA antenna with my 20-meter antenna grayline.
58:25 KX4UI, Want to know what this testing probe is used for.
1:00:09 ZX6GDE, Experimenting on getting wideband on 80 meters.
1:02:52 John Martin, Rnx value and resonate frequency.
1:05:16 Dave Slotter, Rasberry Pie website.
1:08:50 VA1QLZ, Member of the RFDX club, would you be prepared to make a call for us.
1:10:30 Daton DC1, When you have your antenna at a full wave length does that mean from sea level or from ground level?
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