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What’s In My Pack – Radio Chest Harness edition

I regularly utilize a Coaxsher chest pack for SAR, and sometimes for recreational use (front-country and backcountry skiing, mountaineering, peak-bagging, etc.) and I wanted to give a walk-through of what I carry in it. Perhaps you’ll find some of these ideas useful for your use, whatever that
may be.

@Ham Radio Crash Course recently did a video review ( comparing the Coaxsher RCP-1 chest harness to a similar Abree model. I primarily use the slightly smaller Coaxsher RP-1 Scout ( which is a bit smaller and more comfortable to wear. It still carries everything I need.

Coaxsher RP-1 Scout:
Coaxsher RCP-1 Pro:
Similar Abbree chest harness:

Other Gear:
Wouxun KG-UV9T Plus:
Smiley Antenna (great amateur radio antennas too!):
Kenwood SMC-34 Speaker-Mic:
Compass – Suunto MC-2:
Signal Mirror:
Mini Duct Tape rolls:
Trauma Shears (Madison Supply):
Medical Gloves:
Headlamp – Zebralight: My favorite model – (Many others available with different battery types (AA, CR123, 18650), beam styles, colors, etc.)
Ivy-X Wipes:
Rite in the Rain Notepad:

So let me know what else you would add to your chest pack that I might have missed.

Thanks for watching.