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Tiny Magnetic Loop – Big DX

Tiny Magnetic Loop - Big DX

I took the homebrew QRP 1 m diameter small transmitting loop out to a local summit for some fun and was surprised with some fantastic propagation, on 40 meter nonetheless. This was one of my first DX contacts on the band, and with a small compromise antenna and QRP power, nonetheless.

Small transmitting loop antennas are relatively simple and fun to build. Here’s a little helpful info to get you on the right path to building.

Also check out @Amateur Radio VK3YE’s videos here on YouTube – he has done lots of work with small transmitting loops.

Here’s the hardware I use to make the larger part of the loop. Pretty simple bar-stock aluminum folded out straight and then bent into a circle. Works great!
1/16" x 1/2" Flat Aluminum Bar:
Mini project box:
6-32 x 1/2" Stainless Screws:
6-32 Nylock Nuts:
#6 Flat Washer:

Feeding and matching a loop takes a bit of trial and error, and some specific electrical components – primarily variable and potentially also switched capacitors that can handle very high voltage and currents. Study up before you build to optimize your design.

If there’s interest, I can create some videos that go more into my strategy for building and matching these types of antennas. It’s a fun build!