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Alpine Summits and SOTA – Thunderbolt and Picture Puzzle Peaks

n August, I set out with 3 friends from the SAR team to spend 4 days in the hills, building and refreshing our mountain skills and visiting some amazing summits. Afternoon thundershowers limited us to only two summits, but they were fantastic.
First on the list was Thunderbolt Peak at 14,003′. It has an incredible summit with a technical summit block. The next day, we summited Picture Puzzle Peak, a first for me, and a SOTA summit which had never seen an activation.
The team was great, the trip was awesome, and I can’t wait to be back in the mountains.

Cooking and water:
Aquamira Water Treatement:
Squeeze Water Filter: (for smaller volumes/on-the-go)
Meat Shredz:
Canned Salmon:
Dried Oyster Mushrooms:
Freeze Dried Broccoli:
Soup Vegetables: (good for mixing with other meals for flavor)
Camp Gear:
Outdoor Research Bivy:
Aricxi Tarp:
Bear Canister: