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More Gain, More Power – 2m S2S Madness

More Gain, More Power - 2m S2S Madness

The Arizona Summit-to-Summit 10 Point Madness event provides a great opportunity to push the limits of 2m simplex and see what’s possible over long distances. Although I didn’t set any new personal records on this trip, some great contacts were made and plenty of fun was had.

The yagi is a homebrew design made from U-channel aluminum, steel hardware, and arrow shaft elements. The matching network is made from parallel 1/4 wavelength sections of 75 ohm coax to transform the 28 ohm yagi impedance up to 50 ohms. Those coax sections are wound a few times through a toroid as a common mode choke.

The boom is about 8 ft in length when extended and folds down to 32 inches. total weight of the antenna is about 2 lbs, and the pool cleaning pole mast adds another 2 lb or so.

MMANA GAL file: coming soon

Links to Parts:
– Mast:
– Arrow Shafts:
– Threaded Arrow Inserts:
– 3/8" U-channel aluminum:
– 1/2" U-channel aluminum:

– Nylon Threaded Rod:
– Aluminum Threaded Rod:
… more durable alternative
– Stainless Steel Threaded Rod:
– Aluminum Hex Nut:
– Nylon Washers: