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Introduction to the RRF network with Stephane F5LGW

The RRF is the Network of Francophone Repeaters. Like a "Super-Relay", it connects different access points and repeaters all around the globe. To access the network, all you need is an FM transceiver. They used a very efficient codec "OPUS" which make the communications via the Internet sounds exactly a local FM station. They built a nice dashboard web page and a lot of software to manage the network and control any interference efficiently. If you are looking for a project for your club or group, this is base on an open-source platform that can be replicated. This is a good way to increase local analog repeater activities with a low-cost access for users compared to digital mode as all radios support FM. Please subscribe and follow us as this subject will be a video series convering every details.

The RRF dashboard

RRF French documentation and information about the Spotnik hotspot

DXTracker shown in the video from Armel Fauveau F4HWN, see the link below

Base on SVXlink

73 de VA2NRJ et VA2PV