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Ultra-portable FT-8 Ops | (tr)uSDX + Android app + Audio Adapter = Awesomeness!

Want to run FT-8 from an Android phone? How about using a tiny 5-band HF rig that costs less than $100 for the kit? Now you can.

On this SOTA activation, I show off a few new pieces of gear and a new bit of software:
– A (tr)uSDX transceiver | (Affiliate Link)
– Custom Audio Adapter |
– The "FT8 Radio" app |
– K6ARK SMA Antenna Matching Unit Kit | (Affiliate Link)

All of the K6ARK products currently available are linked from

All put together, it makes for a decently capable little piece of kit. The (tr)uSDX has been getting a lot of hype lately, and it’s an amazing little device for less than $100. But it’s simple hardware, and perhaps not a fully optimized design. Understand that it’s no high-performance radio. But it works. And in this activation, I demonstrate one cool way to put it to use.

I show off a new app developed by Dhiru Kholia. Although still a bit rough around the edges and quirky, it is fully capable of making FT8 contacts WITHOUT a separate linux or windows machine. For that, it’s pretty dang cool.

And finally, I extracted the CW contacts I made on the activation and will publish them as a separate video (link here… once posted)

Thanks for watching!