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World’s Smallest fully-capable HF Go Kit?

HF 80-10m, SSB, CW, and some Digital modes, in a sub 2lb kit? Yup…

The Elecraft KX2 is an incredibly capable rig with an internal battery, built-in ATU, and excellent power efficiency in a very small package. Combine that with a custom ultralight antenna, mini key and microphone, and a compact case, and you’ve got one of the smallest go kits you’ll ever find.

The KX2 does PSK and RTTY intrinsically, but if WSJT modes are a priority for you, add a Raspberry Pi. Check out KM4ACK’s channel for more info on Pi builds for ham radio.

Kit elements:
Case – Kelty Cache Box (small):
* Note – some stretching may be required for an easy fit.
Antenna – K6ARK Ultimate 9:1 End Fed Random Wire:
Mini Mic – Modified from one of these:
* Build video coming soon.
Mini Key – Homebrew, but there are some nice commercial options…
– AME Ultra Portapaddle:
– Know of another, perhaps 3D printed option? Share in the comments!

Got a suggestion or have a smaller kit? Tell us about it in the comments below.