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How to build an 80m Dipole with leftover DX Commander Parts

A long time ago… a very long time ago now… TheSmokinApe sent over a 3d printed dipole kit and I never had a chance to put it together until now. Combining that with some left over DX Commander parts, I’ve got a working Dipole for the upper part of the 80m band.

I’ll use this antenna for the upcoming Wisconsin QSO Party.

The DX Commander Instructions say to cut the 80m element for 19.5m. I matched the other side with another 19.5m of DX Commander wire. This came out fairly well for the lower part of the band. 1.5:1 at around 3.5MHz if I recall, but you’ll see it in the video. From there I folded it back for a broad match at the upper end of the band where voice comms live.

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