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Support the Ham Radio DX channel on YouTube

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Firstly, I want to say how much I greatly appreciate all that you do in supporting this channel and furthering ham radio into the future.

It is important for me as a creator to acknowledge the support of people such as yourself and all the help that the ham radio community provides, so this is just one way of giving back to you.

You will notice the join button has now appeared on my channel for YouTube memberships. Here you find a list of different tiers of membership available. Some have more perks than others, you can check those out. Some will get early access to videos that I post, others will get a shout out on both my live streams and the website.

You will also get a small icon next to your name in live chats and comments that publicly show your support as a member of this channel. This icon will change colour the longer you stay a member until you reach the gold antenna icon to reflect your loyalty.

You, the viewer are a large reason why I continue to make videos and share knowledge with the ham radio community. Even if you cannot be a member, I still appreciate all your comments and support. But, if you can be a member of Ham Radio DX, that would be great… so I’ll leave it up to you.

73, Hayden VK7HH

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