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EXTREME Ham Radio DXing…Australia to New Zealand on 2.4 GHz?

EXTREME Ham Radio DXing...Australia to New Zealand on 2.4 GHz?

Join us for a portable adventure trying to send our 2.4 GHz (13cm) ham radio signal from Tasmania, Australia (VK7) to New Zealand (ZL).

On December 13th 2020, Hayden VK7HH and Richard VK7ZBX travelled out portable to try and work Nick ZL1IU at the top end of New Zealand. The Hepburn tropospheric data had good to very good predictions of a duct to carry VHF and above signals across the Tasman Sea.

The ultimate goal was to try and work the 2.4 GHz band, a band that had not achieved a contact over such a great distance before. Were we successful?

More on Tropospheric ducting:

Hepburn Duct forecast:

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