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“Ask an Elmer” – Come Ask Us Your Ham Radio Questions #1

When new hams start out in the hobby, it’s important that they receive guidance and assistance along the way, after all we all had to start somewhere!

In today’s live stream we have some members of the Ham Radio YouTubers bunch answering YOUR questions live! Come along and ask whatever you like in the chat, perhaps you’re new to hobby and not sure where to start. I’ll be joined by the following YouTubers, go ahead check out their channel and give them a sub!

Ham Radio 2.0 –
Temporarily Offline –
KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures –
Red Summit RF –
Goodgame Ham Radio & Outdoors –
K6ARK Portable Radio –
SevenFortyOne –
Matt AE4MQ –

Do you want to know what DMR is? Or how does propagation work? What radio should you buy? How do I get my first Ham Radio License? What kind of antennas do you need? Anything related to ham radio, come along and we’ll do our best to assist and help you further in the hobby. We are the modern day elmers – the YouTubers bunch!

The YouTubers Bunch

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