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I heard DX over 8,900 miles away on 6 meters using FT8

I heard DX over 8,900 miles away on 6 meters using FT8

On Saturday 2nd of January, the DX opened up between VK/ZL and the USA/Mexico. Lots of QSO’s were made using FT8, but as I had a compromised antenna (a simple Diamond V2000 vertical) I thought my hopes of hearing any of this were slim to none. How wrong I was!

It goes to show that even if you have a simple antenna, you can still work DX thousands of miles away using FT8.

Stations heard:
AA5AM, Texas USA – 14,468km (8,990 miles)
AA5C, Texas USA – 14,459km (8,984 miles)
NZ5F, Texas USA – 14,069km (8742 miles)
K7NN, Arizona USA – 13,265km (8242 miles)

Stations worked:
E51WL, North Cook Islands – 6,483 km (4,028 miles)
E51BQ, South Cook Islands – 5,428 km (3,372 miles)
FK8HA, New Caledonia – 2,896 km (1,799 miles)
FK8HM, New Caledonia – 2,901 km (1,802 miles)

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