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Episode #15 – Q&A for the SOTA Rookie PART II

Episode #15 – Q&A for the Summits on the Air Rookie PART II
With guests Martha W0ERI, Dean K2JB, Steve WG0AT, Keith KR7RK, Adam K6ARK, and Scott KW4JM
Continuing this roundtable discussion for new SOTA ops, I have invited a panel of some of the more experienced Arizona SOTA activators to join us on this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ” to talk to the NEW SOTA ROOKIES. This will be a great opportunity for other experienced SOTA ops to join the chat and offer their insights. And of course, those new to SOTA shouldn’t miss this one!

Scott KW4JM – The SOTA Community
Steve WG0AT – WW7D’s SOTA etiquette aka tips for successful SOTAs
Martha W0ERI – SOTA Chasing
Dan KC7MSU – Finding your operating style
Adam K6ARK – How to work a pileup
Dean K2JB – SOTA Activations and Backpacking
Steve WG0AT – First Aid kit
Charlie NJ7V – Portable Antenna Masts
Brian W7JET – APRS Spotting
Keith KR7RK – Logging in the field, and using FLE post-activation to simplify log uploads
Keith KR7RK – Uploading activation logs to ARRL’s Logbook of the World

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