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Discussing the Future of Amateur Radio with the WIA – ACMA Licence Class Consultation

A discussion panel consisting of Scott VK3KJ, Dale VK1DSH, Lee VK3GK and Grant VK5GR representing the Wireless Institute of Australia’s (WIA) Spectrum Strategy team and also the WIA Board will be appearing live on the Ham Radio DX YouTube channel.

The intention is to communicate with WIA members the scope and challenges presented by the recent ACMA’s Consultation paper on Future Amateur Radio Service licensing.
The aim is to provide a forum where the findings of the committee so far can be presented, but also provide an opportunity for questions and answers to be exchanged with members and the wider amateur community.

The WIA will discuss the three options and why it is recommending the option it is. We will also explain ways that the risks of ACMA’s proposals could be mitigated to the benefit of both the amateur service and the ACMA. During the 45 minute session, there will be time for questions via the YouTube chat feedback channel. Questions can also be submitted ahead of time via email to Please note that channel will be moderated, and only questions directly related to the submission will be accepted. We also ask that people be respectful and understand that we will not be commenting on the positions of others.

This session is about the WIA’s considered position and making sure people are clear on what we have found and what the next steps are going to be. The WIA will in particular introduce the next steps that it needs members to take in the consultation process.
We look forward to seeing you on YouTube on Monday night!

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