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Understanding Sporadic E Propagation for VHF DX

This is a recording of a Sporadic E propagation presentation that I did for the Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club in Tucson, Arizona, USA. They graciously asked for me to give a presentation on 21st of March 2021.

In this presentation I go through the mysteries and theories of how Sporadic E forms as well as:

– What is Sporadic E propagation
– When the skip occurs
– Bands affected
– Predicting openings using WSPR

0:00 Understanding Sporadic E Propagation for VHF DX
1:10 What is Sporadic E?
3:23 What causes Sporadic E?
7:57 About the "Clouds"
9:19 Skip Distances and Bands
12:30 Multi Hop
14:34 When does the band open?
16:49 How often does it open?
19:47 Relationship between MUF and cloud
22:43 Example of a short path E cloud allowing a higher MUF
24:02 What Antenna and Polarization do you need?
25:24 How do we know when it opens?
27:10 WSPR Overview
28:17 Using WSPR to detect paths on 50 MHz
30:37 Using WSPR to detect paths on 144 MHz
32:02 Long Sporadic E paths USA to Australia
33:38 Using WSPRView to detect the MUF rising to 144MHz
35:48 Understanding the results
37:48 Resources and further info

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