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Comica Boom X-D Wireless Microphone Overview and Demo – Is it Good For Small Creators?

Here is a look at the Comica Boom X-D (D2) wireless microphone system. In this video I do an overview of the product and then show some use cases for small creators.

Product link:

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00:00 – Intro
01:07 – What’s in the box?
02:19 – Physical Dimensions
02:50 – Exterior Overview / buttons and connections
03:37 – Receiver power-up and function review
04:30 – Transmitter power-up and function review
05:24 – How to pair the transmitter to the receiver
05:51 – Mono vs Stereo
06:21 – Hooking up the Lav Mic
06:38 – Camera Shoe Mount
07:08 – Audio check / demo
08:16 – Use cases for small YouTuber
12:54 – Final thoughts / wrap-up

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