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“An Average of 213 Contacts Per Hour” | HF Contesting with Martin VK7GN

Martin VK7GN gave a fascinating and highly educational talk on the art of HF contesting. Covered points were planning, getting a feel for the band, operating technique and some record contact rates! Also included were some tips on using VKCL for the upcoming Remembrance Day contest.

Following Martin’s presentation, Richard VK7ZBX gave some tips on operating VHF/UHF in contests. This can be viewed here:

This presentation was recorded at the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST) Amateur Radio Club:

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0:00 HF Contesting with Martin VK7GN
0:39 B.I.C Rule
2:34 Planning For a Contest
4:12 Band Feel
5:41 Hobart and London/LA Centred Maps
7:58 Operating Technique
14:18 Search and Pounce
15:52 How fast can you Contest?
17:32 Operating from VK
18:12 The 5/9 Debacle
19:59 What Station Do You Need?
21:30 Log Checking
26:44 Tips for Operating in the RD Contest
28:18 VKCL Contest Logger
34:34 Have Fun!

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