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Building a Emergency P25 Digital Radio Network | Project 25

Building a Emergency P25 Digital Radio Network | Project 25

How do you build a P25 digital radio based emergency services network?
This presentation by Andrew VK7AJ covered all aspects of a P25 Network and its use within a dispatching organization like Police, Fire and Ambulance.

A huge thank you to Andrew Johns and the respective organisations for the presentation.

This presentation was given at the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania –

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0:00 Introduction
3:20 P25 – What is it?
6:17 What are the benefits?
9:43 Comparison to TETRA
10:49 What services are available?
14:28 Trunking
16:21 P25 Architecture
24:23 Backhaul Transmission
25:50 Interfaces to External Systems
31:37 Physical and Logical Channels
32:21 Channel Operations – Talkgroups
42:03 Using P25 for Voice and Data Calls
46:33 P25 Encryption
48:56 Broadband PTT
51:29 The Future of P25
1:00:27 Building the Tasmanian TasGRN Network
1:03:31 What sort of equipment is being used

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