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SeeSii MT2101 Digital Multimeter

SeeSii MT2101 Digital Multimeter

In this video, we take a look at a Digital Auto Ranging Multimeter from SeeSii. Seesii did send this meter to me free of charge in exchange for this video review.
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With 4.7inch high-definition screen, which can let you operate and see the data more clearly, give you a better user experience. It can be used for AC and direct current voltage and current measurement, capacitance, and resistance measurement. It can be used for NCV non-contact voltage and temperature measurement, diode and continuity measurement, firewire, and null wire recognition. With the double sound and light alarm function, which can remind you in a better way. The soft and durable protective cover and seismic protection function, which can protect the multimeter and prolong its service time. With flashlight and backlight function, you can use it in a dim lighting environment or in the dark.

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