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Master Morse Code With the CW Operators’ Club

Do you want to use Morse code when operating your ham radio but find it difficult to learn? Joe Fischer AA8TA joins us tonight to talk about how to break through the struggles of learning Morse code. He is the current CWops CW Academy Manager. We will be talking to him about how the CW Academy works, how to best learn CW, and what tools you might use on your path to proficiency. We’ll also talk about what other CWops activities and programs are available to assist you in finally reaching your goals.

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Join us we talk about how YOU can learn Morse code in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”. Every aspect of Portable Ops is explored in this biweekly live stream as we discuss news, gear, achievements, the workbench, contests, awards and more – find all Portable Ops related topics here.

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