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Get Started with FT8 – An Introduction for Beginners | WSJT-X Ham Radio

FT8 is a mode in the WSJT-X software developed by Dr Joe Taylor K1JT. In this video I show how to get started and make contacts with FT8, introduction for new beginners and even a pro tip how I know from a quick glance if the bands are open.

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WSJT-X for the Beginner – Setup and Operation 👉

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0:00 An Introduction for Beginners
0:28 What is FT8?
2:16 A QSO Example & How well does it work?
4:16 Get Your Timing Right!
5:12 Setting up WSJT-X for the FT8 Mode
8:29 My Waterfall settings
9:44 Transmitting and message sequencing
14:54 Setting your TX audio level and ALC drive
17:15 I’ve never worked that country before!
18:11 How much Power should you run?
19:48 A bonus tip to level up your DX abilities!

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