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Chamleon Antenna’s MPAS Antenna, is it as good as a Dipole?

Chamleon Antenna's MPAS Antenna, is it as good as a Dipole?

Not long ago I purchased the Cha Hybrid-Mini from Chameleon Antennas. This is the 500 watt SSB and 250w for CW version and just a bit larger than the Micro. I all ready had the rest of the parts to make-up their Cha Mpas Lite antenna. I wanted to test it against a Dipole and do it at the same time so band conditions would skew the results. So follow along and see what I found out!
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Chameleon Antenna CHA-Hybrid-Mini Portable Mini:
Chameleon Antenna CHA Spike Mount:
Chameleon Antenna CHA 50′ Coax with RFI Choke :
MFJ-1979 Antenna, telescopic:

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