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Where has this thing been all my life?

TO’s Take on a ham radio power box. I think I managed to put an interesting twist on it and bring some extra value to the table.

πŸ›’ Miady 6Ah 12v Battery:
πŸ›’ 2pk Expert Power 10Ah Battery:
πŸ›’ Bioenno 12v 20Ah Battery:
πŸ›’ Bioenno LiFePO4 Charger:
πŸ›’ MC4 to PowerPole Cable:
πŸ›’ Panel Mount On/Off Switch:
πŸ›’ PowerWerx PanelPole2:
πŸ›’ Panel Mount:
πŸ›’ USB QC and C Charger with Voltmeter:
πŸ›’ BuddiPole PowerMini 2:
πŸ›’ Zombie Ammo box:
πŸ›’ 12ga Wire:
πŸ›’ Crimper:
πŸ›’ Connectors:
πŸ›’ Cigarette Lighter to Power Pole Cord:
πŸ›’ PowerWorx 4-Port Power Distribution Block:
The rest of the stuff you’ll just have to make yourself…

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Variety of Cables
4:40 The Batteries
5:28 No Penetration
6:38 Wiring Diagram
8:30 Dog Barks
8:40 Mailman Story
10:04 Smoke Test
10:06 Product Costs
12:52 The Reveal