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Morse Code Backup Paddle by N6ARA Electronics

Has your Morse code paddle every failed you in the field? It has happened to me on a Summits on the Air activation, and I barely escaped total failure on that expedition. Now I have found the perfect backup paddle so I’m always prepared. Ara N6ARA has created a paddle called the TinyPaddle that you can use in a pinch. It is surprisingly lightweight and compact and has a good feel to it. You won’t even notice it in your pack, but will have the assurance of a second option just in case. I tested it in the field and demonstrated how easy it is to make contacts in this video.

ALSO, Brian W7JET joins me on this SOTA activation (Cochrine Hill W7A/CS-069) and shows us his office – the King Air 200.

You can Purchase N6ARA’s TinyPaddle here as a kit ($15) or assembled ($20):

N6ARA’s Troubleshooting section if you have issues:

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