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Ruins, Petroglyphs, Pottery Shards – Part 1, CW POTA Contacts.

PART 1 of this Video – Primarily Morse Code
I decided to drive out to the Agua Fria National Monument and check out one of the native American ruins before putting the park on the air. This was a very interesting trip filled with Arizona lore. But what I couldn’t believe is the non-stop pile-up of amateur radio operators who wanted to make contact with me inside this park.
After receiving feedback from many of my viewers requesting that I publish all the video footage I record on my POTA activations, I resolved that I would do just that. My hesitation lies in the fact that the video would be VERY long and many would not watch it. But, why not try it out and see what people think.

I did have a problem getting the full 3 hours to encode successfully, so I broke it up into two videos.

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