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Summits on the Air 2M SSB and CW Contacts on the PackTenna TrekMount

My friend, The Tech Prepper, recently lent me the PackTenna Trekmount. I was interested in trying it after seeing him get several 2-meter sideband contacts using it on our last joint activation. So, I threw it in the pack for this Summits on the Air activation. I started my activation on 2-meter SSB and was amazed it the antenna’s performance. After working 2-meter SSB I hopped on 23-centimeters FM and got a few more contacts. Then I returned to the PackTenna Trekmount for 2-meter CW. Finally, I finished out on the HF bands on Morse code. This was a very successful SOTA activation, with some fun variations.

You can find the full CW recordings of this activation here:

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