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Random Wire Antenna and EmTech ZM-2 Tuner for Portable Radio

I have never tried using a tuner while working portable. I’ve always used resonant antennas. I’ve wanted to give it a try though, and when Ray K8DRT heard me mention it he lent me is EmTech ZM-2. The only problem was I wanted to try the tuner with a random wire antenna, and I didn’t have one. But after looking around in my antenna parts I found a 9:1 unun that Adam K6ARK had made for me. So, I fired up the soldering iron and made the antenna. Then I went to the back yard to test everything out. Success! The tuner and antenna worked great, but the true test comes in putting it on the air in the field in an actual portable activation. So, the following day I did just that on a couple of Summits on the Air peaks.

You can find the full CW recordings of this activation here:

EmTech ZM-s Tuner:
Packtenna 10m Carbon Fiber Mast:
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GM0EUL UMPP-1 Morse Code Paddle:
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