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Where to find your “Summits on the Air” Community?

In this episode we talk about the benefits of joining a SOTA community, the different opportunities that exist, and how to organize a group if one doesn’t exist near you.

Organizing and cultivating Summits on the Air groups is very important to the success of the larger SOTA community. It is a way to build comradery with those who share a common interest, it provides a landing spot for hams that are new to SOTA, and it facilitates new activities and gatherings. Today’s guests have all quietly moved to facilitate an active SOTA community in their area.

Mike KN6EZE has organized a SOTA group in southern California, Pat KI7SVM has done the same in the Carolina’s, and Doug N4HNH has facilitated a sense of community in Georgia. Each has done different things to organize their SOTA communities, but there is also some overlap.

Join us we talk about how YOU can participate in the SOTA community in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”. Every aspect of Portable Ops is explored in this biweekly live stream as we discuss news, gear, achievements, the workbench, contests, awards and more – find all Portable Ops related topics here.

Charlie NJ7V @NJ7V_

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