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Morse Code Is Music – Ham Radio On Guitar

I had a goofy idea, it turned out alright!

I think ham radio is all about experimenting with new and weird ideas, this is one! CW is beautiful!

Big thanks to Adam K6ARK for being a good sport as always!

It’s harder than it seems playing morse code on a guitar and trying to keep it pleasing to the ear, but also easily readible. You don’t have the normal level flexibility you have as a musician in terms of how long your notes are and how much space you fill/don’t fill! There are a couple of mistakes in here but it was all a single (first!) take!

Notes: I consulted with a lawyer who is also a ham who looked through the regulations to see what exactly the rules stated around broadcasting "music". He was of the opinion that this would be completely fine on the ham bands just don’t broadcast the beat. I consulted with another ham friend (not a lawyer) who thought it was a big no no. I didn’t want to make anyone upset and so I put my TX signal over an IP link, NOT on the ham bands. I wanted to work a pileup on the SSB portion with my guitar but hey, such is life! 🙂