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The HARSHEST Radio Broadcasting Site in Australia | Kunanyi / Mount Wellington

Kunanyi / Mount Wellington ("the mountain") is known for it’s wild weather including high winds and extreme snow and ice even during summer months! So why would anyone want to build a radio broadcasting tower on top?

Today I took a trip to give you a tour of the site, including a surprise cameo by some workers who were perched high above the ground doing preventative maintenance.

It’s Hobart’s tallest structure at 130m and is perched 1250m (4101 feet) above sea level. The mountain is also home to a 70cm amateur repeater – VK7RTC.

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0:00 Forget this for a job!
2:25 About the tower and history of broadcasting on Mount Wellington
5:05 Building the stucture
6:38 The 2nd tower on the summit
8:25 Our 70cm amateur radio repeater

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