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Mailbag Monday #10 | Your Questions Answered…Poorly

In this episode we talk about what antenna kits would be as good as the KM4ACK EFHW. Can you put a VHF/UHF antenna in a tree? Wolf River Coils vs. Buddy Stick Pro. How to find a clear frequency.

00:00 – Start
00:03 – Intro
00:42 – KM4ACK VS The World
05:56 – VHF/UHF Antenna in a tree??
08:46 – WRC Vs. BSP
13:52 – How to find a clear frequency.
17:57 – Outro

***Links From Show***
K6ARK Antenna Kit:
Packtenna EFHW:
Nelson Antennas:
Popinaki1999 Antenna Kit:

Wolf River Coils:
BuddiStick PRO™:
SotaBeams Wire: