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Messi & Paoloni Is Better Than LMR Coax

Yes, it sure is. Comparing the losses between Messi & Paoloni & LMR Coax cables. The numbers don’t lie in this heated battle between the two coax manufactures. Two will enter, only one will leave in this battle royal. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.
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Here are the links so you read the facts yourself:
***Specs from Gigaparts:
***M&P Hyperflex 5:
***M&P Ultraflex 7 Sahara:
***M&P Hyperflex 10 Sahara:
***M&P Airborn 10:
***M&P Hyperflex 13:
***Times Microwave LMR-400-UF:
***Times Microwave LMR-400:
***Times Microwave LMR-600-UF:
***Times Microwave LMR-600:

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