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Getting Fit For Your Portable Radio Adventures.

Getting Fit For Your Portable Radio Adventures.

We often overlook a very important part of ham radio – our wellness. Heather KJ7YUG, Certified Master Health & Wellness Coach joins us for this episode to discuss how we can get more out of our hobby through improving our fitness, health, and overall wellness. Heather is a highly motivated self-starter who really wants to see others succeed. Through her profession and hobbies, she has helped numerous people reach their aspirations and life goals. Many people have expressed that they wish they were more fit so they could get out and enjoy Summits on the Air or even Parks on the Air. We will explore what wellness actions you can take to get started with portable ops. We will also talk about wellness improvements for those of you currently active in portable ops so you can feel even better!

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Join us as we talk about how YOU can have better health for ham radio in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”. Every aspect of Portable Ops is explored in this biweekly live stream as we discuss news, gear, achievements, the workbench, contests, awards and more – find all Portable Ops related topics here.

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